Thing that made me feel like a human being today

I kept seeing this tweet about Splitsider having called Chris Gethard’s new podcast the “most refreshing new comedy podcast in ages,” and I was looking for company while I did the dishes today, so I queued it up.

Cut to forty-five minutes later, I have finished the dishes and I’m just sitting on the couch.  Listening.  And then, bawling.  And identifying so strongly with this 27-year-old stranger in Texas who called up Chris Gethard to talk about what on earth to do to feel like a human being who is doing something meaningful and fulfilling with his time on this plane.  (Which, by the way, is pretty much all I’m concerned with ever.)

The podcast is called “Beautiful/Anonymous,” short for “Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People.”  And today, it made me feel like a human being.  Chris refers to the caller as an underdog a few times.  There’s cathartic screaming.  There’s goal setting.  There’s empathetic acknowledgement of that stuff in life that we so easily brush off: I’m unhappy. I’m not doing anything to change my situation.  And that makes me more unhappy.  But…what are you gonna do.

So, yeah.  It is refreshing.  And human.  And really engaging.  I’m glad I listened.  I’m glad I listened to Chris listen to somebody.  And encourage somebody.  And tell somebody, “You got this.  You can pull yourself out of the bullshit and get to something great.”







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Maribeth Theroux is a writer and performer. She watches a lot of television and has a cat.

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