IHOP and Snail Anatomy: Please read my content

Yesterday I shared an excerpt of a web series.  It felt good.  The web series makes vague mention of a snail, so I included an image of a snail that details its anatomy in…detail.  And that felt good, too.  So much content amasses when you write.  And when you write poetry, so much poetry amasses.  Because so few people really want to see it.  Which I completely understand and respect.  Most days I would rather image search “where is a snail’s lungs and vagina?” than read even my own poetry.  Just kidding.  I always want to read my own poetry, I just don’t want to read anyone else’s.  Just kidding.  Everyone is important and should spend all of their time reading their own poetry.

Oh, I was talking about the amassment of content.  I have never used the word ‘amassment’ before because only a snail’s vagina would use that word in their BLOG POST.

So, the amassment of content.  It’s rife.  I have more content than yesterday’s HuffPo.  Well, almost.  HuffPo is a very active site.

I’m just saying that I have content the world will never see unless I post it here on this BLOG POST.

So today, here’s an excerpt of a poem I will likely never publish with HuffPo or anyone else.  I hope it brings you more joy than a snail’s vagina.  I will never again say ‘snail’s vagina’ or ‘amassment’ because they are equally offensive to the world.

It’s too soon to say where I’ll have my ashes spread, but…IHOP?

The Pacific Ocean today and
Santa Monica today and Caleb, Tim,
and IHOP today. The first time for
all of those people, places, and things,
except for IHOP. I’ve seen IHOP before.
I’ll see IHOP again. A croissant that
looks like a waffle and is filled with
various things. My husband ordered one and
I am proud of him.

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