The YOLO Twins: An unreleased web series

I wrote three episodes of a web series, and now I will forever have three episodes of a web series living in my cloud.

The premise is confusing. I came up with it in the middle of the night and it solves the problem of: “I don’t have any friends to make a web series with.”  The premise is I have a twin.  But she’s not a real twin.  She’s just a version of me that exists outside of time.  And we talk to each other.  Via Skype, I think.  We encourage each other.  We denigrate each other.  We don’t have any friends.  But we have each other.

I just looked up ‘denigrate’ to make sure it means what I think it means.  It does in fact mean what I think it means.

I filmed one of the episodes of the web series and I’m really happy with my acting performances in which I play these versions of myself, but I don’t think I’m going to release it.  The series needs more development.  Or, I need to make some friends.

But please enjoy this excerpt from my web series titled, “The YOLO Twins.”  It’s a really good title.  Before that title it was temporarily called, “Friends (You Can’t Call It That).”  Which is also a really good title.

The YOLO Twins: Episode Three

Maribeth In Time
it was raining, which was amazing in and of itself because it so rarely rains in southern california. and i’m walking by the sheraton, which is a hotel chain, and there’s a snail crawling on concrete. and it has its own shell on its back—a shell that it created itself. and so i took a picture and i texted it to my stepmom and i said, “i made a friend!”

Maribeth Not In Time
then what happened

Maribeth In Time
well she never texted back and that made me want to cry, but i picked up the snail, which was really difficult because it did not want to move, and i placed it gently into the dirt right under a shrub. and it seemed really happy. it started crawling immediately. and i sang it a song.

Maribeth Not In Time
i’m really glad you went outside, but this story is awful. you’re the only connection i have to a living breathing thing, and you suck.  what happened to you?

Maribeth In Time
nothing.  i was just given the impression for many years that everyone was more important than me, and so now i tell myself that i am valid. i am valid.  i am valid.  i say it just like that.

Maribeth Not In Time
you’re invalid.  you’re invalid.  you’re an invalid. you’re an invalid.

Maribeth In Time
you’re not a nice person. but you are valid.

Maribeth Not In Time
thank you.

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