A general announcement involving Stormtroopers

I would like to casually announce that I will be driving across the United States when I move from New Jersey to Los Angeles in a couple weeks. With my brand new husband! And our overweight cat!


(That angle is particularly alarming, but please know that I have recently developed an eating plan for her and spoken to her veterinarian, and she is working on it. Well, I’m working on it. She’s just being angry that she can’t eat everything she wants anytime she wants.)

That was all just exposition for the main part of the announcement, though:

My nine-year-old cousin recently gave me and my brand new husband a gift of custom-painted Lego Stormtroopers. Mine are detailed in red, because that’s my favorite color. My husband’s are detailed in green, because that’s his. And we also have a blue one that is supposed to represent my cousin.

In response to this really loving gift from a child that I don’t know all that well, I plan to treat the Lego Stormtroopers like the traveling gnomes of this cross-country journey. I will take photos of them along the way, in front of exciting places–like the Grand Canyon, and the Las Vegas strip, and a perfect replica of the Parthenon in Nashville, TN.

Perhaps my cousin will not care about the journey that his Stormtroopers are on. But maybe he will. And if not, maybe you will. Since I plan to also post them here. And that’s the announcement:

Check back here for photos of Lego Stormtroopers in front of places I stop between New Jersey and California.  Here’s them in front of what I hope will be their least exciting backdrop.

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