Well, it’s here.  The last day of Oulipost.  The last day of April.  It feels fitting that it’s RAINING where I am.  (Caps to emphasize just how much it’s raining.)  Thank you so sincerely to everyone at the Found Poetry Review and all of my fellow Ouliposters for everything.

I guess I couldn’t resist steering today’s assignment toward life and death and all of existence.  If that doesn’t celebrate all this experience has meant to me, I don’t know what does.  Because, it’s meant a lot.  Life, best I can figure, is about connecting with people, and the world, and yourself, in a meaningful, loving way.  And Oulipost has brought a lot of meaningful connection into my life this month.  Connection with other poets, connection with language, connection with myself.  Connection with the Star-Ledger of New Jersey!

So, goodbye Oulipost.  But ultimately it doesn’t feel at all like the end, so who can be sad.  (Same goes for anything.)

Today’s final prompt goes as follows:

“Patchwork Quilt: Conclude the project by writing a poem that incorporates words and lines from all of your past 29 poems.”

Goodbye, friend

Every day I wake up.
2005. No. 2007.
We will fail to retain the
whole of that which we
appear to be.
For weeks. Speak.
All time. The

Progressive: a
place in a streetcar,
and jeans. I derail.


What was it like downtown.

Expect better. Go get

some men. (Brett,

Toyota.) (Parked
nearby, in sun,

rain, geraniums.)

Death is a bear.
Wild nowadays.
Come represent

(America). So rare.
Families, especially

you, Tuesdays, and
hope (tah da). Oh,

yes, pretty girls.
And children.

How long do we get to keep
control of this? I think
home is two inches of calm water.

Lives, precaution,
metaphor, bed. What
can we do? Perceptions,
a toddler, the impermanence
of a cornfield. We
assisted today, my years,
my wife.

I take life. It


The past 29 poems!

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One thought on “OULIPOST POEM 30: Goodbye

  1. Sem groselha picuínha. on said:

    cat so beautiful.

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