Poetry excerpt: Limited Time Edition

Poetry excerpt! An ongoing feature of this website in which you can find an excerpt from something written that day, along with a nice picture to look at that may or may not have anything to do with the excerpt:

My boyfriend is going to Philadelphia
tonight and it’s Sunday night and we
watch television every night, especially
Sunday night and I used to go to church
Sunday night but then I grew breasts so
now I watch Breaking Bad.  I live next door to
Short Hills, New Jersey.  It would be accurate to
name my breasts “Short Hills, New Jersey.”  I
used to watch The Hills.  The Hills refers to
Beverly Hills, a place to which my boyfriend
and I may drive a 2007 Subaru Forrester (L.L.
Bean special limited time edition) if and when
he returns from Philadelphia.  I bet there are
lots of little girls named “Philadelphia.”  I bet
they go by “Del” and “Phil” and “Phila-del-del.”

What do you think of Philadelphia, the place.
What do you think of Philadelphia, the girl.
What do you think of my breasts.


Limited time edition caterpillar.

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